7 Best WordPress Themes to Improve Google Core Web Vitals Score


In April 2020, Google announced a new set of metrics- Core Web Vitals to measure the user experience. Google’s Core Web Vitals focuses mainly on your website speed and user experience. And it’s going to be one of the most important ranking factors from Google’s next major update in May 2021. There is what Google … Read more

Expert Review on One of The Best Project Management Solutions for WordPress


Managing an online business is more different than managing an offline one. There are many Everests to climb and many oceans to sail across. That is where project management tools come to the rescue. These days, competitors are moving ahead with terrifying speed. Part of the reason is that they are all using a project … Read more

A Complete Guide to WordPress Taxonomies- Learn Everything about Default & Custom Taxonomies


Chances are high that you already saw or used taxonomies but don’t notice that they are named as taxonomies. If you’re thinking biology, you’re correct. But taxonomies have a slightly different meaning in WordPress. The basic ideas behind WordPress taxonomies are identical. Since the two fields are completely different, the practical application of taxonomies also … Read more