What to Do after Installing WordPress? (15 Essential Things to Check)


WordPress is that the hottest CMS for years now. WordPress powers over 40% of sites online. If you’ve just installed WordPress on your web host, you’ve done an excellent job. But installing WordPress is simply the starting, it’s time to do a few more things after installing WordPress. If you’re a beginner planning to start your online journey with WordPress or you’ve just installed WordPress … Read more

How to Install WordPress on Localhost with AMPPS

There are lots of ways to install WordPress on localhost- I mean on your local machine. You already know that building a WordPress site on local environment is not a serious business. It’s just a test-base web environment and you can build as much sites as you need on the same environment. I use an … Read more

How to Start a Blog for Free in WordPress (Helpful Resources for Beginners)

What’s the write time to start a blog or online business?… Let’s check this example before answering your question. How to start a blog for free? How to start a blog for free and make money? How to start a blog for free and get paid? How to start a blog for free and earn … Read more

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