7 Best WordPress Themes to Improve Google Core Web Vitals Score

In April 2020, Google announced a new set of metrics- Core Web Vitals to measure the user experience. Google’s Core Web Vitals focuses mainly on your website speed and user experience. And it’s going to be one of the most important ranking factors from Google’s next major update in May 2021.

There is what Google has said about Core Web Vitals-

Today, we’re building on this work and providing an early look at an upcoming Search ranking change that incorporates these page experience metrics. We will introduce a new signal that combines Core Web Vitals with our existing signals for page experience to provide a holistic picture of the quality of a user’s experience on a web page.

In this post, we have covered 6 best WordPress themes that would surely help you improve your site’s score and Google ranking. Let’s explore how.

We are just starting with introducing the Core Web Vitals.

So, What Core Web Vitals are and Where Should You be Focused Now?

Core Web Vitals are a set of certain factors that Google considers important in a webpage’s overall user experience. It’s basically, Google’s way of sizing up your page’s overall UX.

google core web vitals
we’re announcing that the page experience signals in ranking will roll out in May 2021. The new page experience signals combine Core Web Vitals with our existing search signals including mobile-friendliness, safe-browsing, HTTPS-security, and intrusive interstitial guidelines- Google.

As Core Web Vitals are becoming a ranking factor, it is high time to optimize your website speed and user experience. How will you do that?

Making a WordPress website fast and user-friendly depend on many things. One of the primary things in WordPress is a lightweight and smart-looking theme.

Why Themes are Important to Optimize WordPress Website for Google Core Web Vitals

Themes are essential to polish your WordPress site and give it a different look.

  • WordPress theme comes with icons, images, and a lot of elements, they impact your website speed.
  • Having lots of built-in features with unnecessary lines of code can also slow down your site.
  • Need to choose a theme that lets you disable the features that you don’t need.

7 Best WordPress Themes to Improve Website Speed and UX

We tried and tested a lot of themes in order to find the themes that help your website do well on Google’s core web vital metrics.

Below is the list of top WordPress themes to make your website blazing fast.

  1. Astra
  2. GeneratePress Theme
  3. Kadence Theme
  4. Genesis Framework
  5. Divi
  6. OceanWP
  7. Schema Theme

Bonus: Ultra theme by Themefy

Now, let’s get the details.

1. Astra- Grab Up to 63% Off on This Cyber Monday

Astra- Smart WordPress themes

Astra is as fast, like really fast. It claims a load time of 0.5 seconds, and our experience was quite similar to that as well. Likewise, it did well in the core web vitals test as well. Astra is packed with essential features.


  • Fast loading time, particularly because of being jQuery-free
  • Offers a lot of customization opportunity
  • Popular page builders compatible
  • Lots of free and premium demo sites

2. GeneratePress- Get 30% Offon This Cyber Monday

GeneratePress is one of the most popular WordPress themes. With more than a thousand reviews, it stands with 5 out of 5 ratings on the WordPress repository while we write this article.

GeneratePress- Best WordPress Themes


  • Surprisingly fast and lightweight, making it one of the most optimized themes for core web vitals
  • You can disable features that you don’t use
  • Optimized for SEO. Also has schema built-in
  • Compatible with the top page builders
  • 100% responsive

3. Kadence- Get 30% Offon This Cyber Monday

Kadence- top WordPress themes

Kadence is another theme that satisfied us with its performance. The fast nature of this theme is perfect to help rank your site on Google, by getting good results on core web vitals.


  • Very quick loading time
  • Super SEO-friendly
  • Nifty features like scroll to top, built-in social links out of the box
  • Advanced customizability

4. Genesis Framework by StudioPress- 50% Offon This Cyber Monday

genesis framework genesis themes
Genesis Themes+Genesis Framework by StudioPress

If you’re looking for a secure, fast but complete website package, Genesis Framework by StudioPress could be your first choice.

Genesis Framework is not just a theme, it’s a foundation that works from the background not hurting your speed and actual codebase and you can design and manage your website with a rich collection of its child themes like Genesis Theme, Genesis blocks, and more.

Genesis Framework gives you full-fledge site designing capability under a theme project. So that you can get a smart-looking interface but fast and SEO-optimized site regarding Google Core Web Vitals metrics.

In their own words-

“The Genesis Framework is a secure, fast, and SEO optimized foundation for your WordPress site”


  • A rich selection of child themes
  • Awesome ecosystem and community
  • Clean and efficient code for fast loading pages
  • Developer friendly Search engine optimized
  • 24/7 support, unlimited; really!
  • Affordable for anyone, pro pricing starts only at $59

7. Divi- Get Up to 40% Off on This Cyber Monday

Divi- light weight WordPress themes

Divi is a theme with a full-fledged page builder inbuilt. This has led Divi to be one of the most popular themes for WordPress. But this is not all. Despite offering many features, Divi is lightning fast on most occasions.


  • A minimalistic theme that is great for building fast websites
  • Well-optimized for SEO
  • Divi Page builder included
  • Countless ready-made website packs

5. Divi- Get Up to 40% Off on This Cyber Monday

Divi- light weight WordPress themes

Divi is a theme with a full-fledged page builder inbuilt. This has led Divi to be one of the most popular themes for WordPress. But this is not all. Despite offering many features, Divi is lightning fast on most occasions.


  • A minimalistic theme that is great for building fast websites
  • Well-optimized for SEO
  • Divi Page builder included
  • Countless ready-made website packs

6. OceanWP- Offering 30%+ Offon This Cyber Monday

OceanWP- Best WordPress Themes

OceanWP is another theme that performed extraordinarily during our tests. Plus it also has an array of exclusive features as well as essential features.


  • Quick loading time.
  • Highly customizable.
  • Responsive theme.
  • Advanced mega menu.

7. Schema is also One of The Best WordPress Themes

Schema- Best WordPress Themes

Schema is actually developed with SEO performance in mind. So there’s no reason to be surprised when you see your website perform better than before in search engines after installing the Schema theme.


  • Amazingly fast and lightweight
  • Rich snippet and in-built review system for better ranking on search engine
  • Lots of useful shortcodes
  • Built-in ad management module

Bonus: Ultra Theme by Themify Team

Ultra theme is used by thousands of freelancers and site owners. Ultra is Themify’s flagship theme due to its extreme power, customization, and flexibility. It is a true multi-purpose theme that can be used for any type of your site.

With a variety of layout options (header, footer, post layouts, and more) that can be selected site-wide or for individual pages, Ultra is the most developers’ first theme choice!

7 Lightweight and Fastest WordPress Themes Compared

why website speed matters for wordpress
Strangeloop research on website speed and user behavior

Now we are going to show you a short but effective comparison on all these 7 lightweight and fastest WordPress themes. We believe this comparison table will help you get a clear picture in seconds and make a decision with ease.

Names & MetricsAstraGeneratePressKadenceGenesis Framework by StudioPressOceanWPSchemaDivi
Page Speed Score91%95%98%95%95%93%85%
Fully Loaded Time1 second1.3 second1.6 second0.7 second0.8 second1.8 second1 second
Total Page Size833 KB696 KB251 KB1.26 MB475 KB529 KB1.13 MB
HTTP Requests52245048203951
Regular Price From$59 (Free themes available)$59 (Free themes available)$49 (Free themes available)$59.95 (Paid themes only)$39 (Paid themes only)$79 (Paid themes only)$89 (Paid themes only)
Check DetailsAstraGeneratePressKadenceGenesis FrameworkOceanWPSchema ProDivi
7 fastest WordPress Themes compared

That’s all for you from our side. And now it’s your turn to check all the details of each theme from the list regarding your needs and preferences. Your brand, your target audience, and your selected niche should get the main focus to choose your theme.

All these 7 themes are very good for all types of websites, so you can go for anyone that satisfies you.

How to Check the Impact of a Theme of Google Core Web Vitals

What More Can You Do to Improve Your Website Score on Core Web Vitals

  • Optimize your images.
  • Stabilize loading by specifying room for images.
  • Speed up your server to get that loading time down.
  • Look into critical CSS to load above-the-fold content quicker.
  • Improve loading of third-party scripts.
  • Use image placeholder video. Don’t add a video above the fold.
  • Use only the fonts that you need.
  • Consider upgrading to a faster server.
  • Use a modern WordPress CDN (Content Delivery Network).
  • Use server-side caching.

Optimize Your WordPress Site for Core Web Vitals Using A Perfect WordPress Theme

Themes play a vital role in website speed. As WordPress is a content management system, it ideally lets you manage your content, not the backend of your website. But you can easily do that using a smart lightweight theme.

And obviously, that’s not enough. With using a perfect theme, you need to optimize your images, use smart WordPress hosting, remove unusual code, make your pages above of the fold clean and speedy.

Note: For your kind information- we have observed that 30%+ of our audience of this post are choosing Astra. Around 15% are going for Schema Pro and 10% are choosing GeneratePress and Kadence. It’s just our experience from this post, nothing else. You should focus on your needs and specifications. Thanks.

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