20+ Popular Web Fonts in WordPress Editor (Free Google Fonts)

Get to know about 20+ most popular fonts in WordPress Editor. How to add fonts and how to change fonts in WordPress Editor. Also a bit about Google fonts in WordPress Editor.

So, what are web fonts?

Web fonts called fonts that are hosted on a third-party provider’s website. The regular process here is- you link to that provider’s website and they are pulled in from there, Instead of copying the files directly to your own site.

Google Fonts are the biggest provider of free web fonts on the internet. You can just download all of the Google fonts to your computer and use them as you wish. I mean if you want to create offline materials using the same fonts as your website, you can and it’s all free for you like everyone.

Adobe Edge Web Fonts are also free to use for all. Although Adobe Edge Web Fonts are designed to be used with Adobe products, they work very well on any website.

Get Introduced with The Basic Types of Web Fonts

popular and free web fonts fonts in WordPress editor

Let’s start by looking at the types and terminology around web fonts.

  • Web fonts [aka HTML fonts] as I already told you are fonts hosted on a third-party website and linked to your site.
  • Locally hosted fonts are fonts that just directly hosted on your website.
  • Web-safe fonts are a limited range of fonts that are possibly pre-installed on all computers. And you can be fairly confident all your visitors will have access to them.

Importance of Right Typography and Web Fonts in WordPress

Choosing the right group of typography and web fonts helps you ensure a better user experience and readability of your web content. So, the importance of web fonts in WordPress editor is as important as your website design.

Shortly check a few benefits of smart web fonts-

  • Website fonts account for 90% of your design
  • Your font choice reflects your brand’s value and character
  • Readability surely enhances your user experience
  • Right font choice helps you to grow your business

How to Choose The Right Typeface and Web Fonts

Here are the things you should consider while choosing fonts and typeface for your website.

  • Select a font that evokes the feel of your site
  • Choose a font that clean, easier, and comfortable to read
  • Consider line-length and alignment
  • Prefer on looks and adjust with your background
  • Don’t compare with fonts that got printed

20+ Most Popular Free Google Fonts in WordPress Editor

free google fonts- free web fonts in WordPress editor
  1. Roboto Family
  2. Lato
  3. Open Sans
  4. Comfortaa
  5. Dosis
  6. IBM Plex Family
  7. Lexend
  8. Work Sans
  9. Noto Family
  10. Poppins
  11. Source sans
  12. product san
  13. Exo
  14. Jost
  15. Rubik
  16. Titillium Web
  17. Inter
  18. Nunito Sans
  19. Noto Sans
  20. Montserrat
  21. Google sans
  22. Product sans
  23. Gilroy

Check how these Google fonts look like and decide which one to go for.

How to Add Web fonts to Your WordPress Websites

popular free google fonts in wordpress editor
Popular Google fonts, all are free!

There are 3 options available for you.

  • Use web fonts like Google Fonts by installing a WordPress plugin. There are plugins like Easy Google Fonts and Google Fonts Typography in WordPress.org.
  • Add web fonts by coding them into your theme and it’s not as tricky as it sounds!
  • You can Host your fonts on your own website and adding them to your WordPress theme.

Adding Google Fonts Using A WordPress Plugin

WordPress plugins like Google Fonts Typography and Easy Google Fonts give you access to the entire library of Google fonts and let you review them via the WordPress Customizer.

Let’s check how to add fonts in WordPress editor with a few clicks.

  • Install any of the above-mentioned plugins on your site just as you would any other plugin, and then activate it.
  • Go to Appearance > Customize to access the Customizer. You’ll see a dedicated section for Google Fonts.
  • Now click on that link to access the settings for your fonts and choose your favorite one.

How to Change Fonts in WordPress Editor

Once you have added your custom fonts, you can easily change them as many times as you want.

To change the custom fonts you use-

  • Go to Appearance → Customize → Fonts and select a different Header or Base Font from the list.
  • Or, you can switch back to your installed Theme’s default font by clicking the X to the right of the custom font name.
  • Once you are satisfied with your changes to the fonts, just hit on Publish or Save Draft to continue customizing your site.

That’s it!

Choose Your Typography to Win in The Game

It’s very important to choose a right group of fonts and typography for your website. In WordPress, you can easily select, add or change your fonts to ensure a better user experience. Here we selected top 20 most popular free web fonts and Google fonts that you can get in WordPress editor. Also share the guides.

Now it’s your turn to make the job done with this easy WordPress tutorial!

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