Rich The Right Audience for Your WordPress Products/Services

Not all audiences; the right audience matters.

There is no benefit to reaching out to a general audience for your WordPress products.

All you need is a regular user or potential customer who is looking for your WordPress product or WordPress-based service.

This one single customer is worth more than a thousand strangers online.


Yes, we can help you find your right audience and reach out to your target customer group with us at the lowest cost.

We’re growing, let’s grow together!

WordPress Product Promotion in Action


WP Evergreen Content offers a few certain promotional opportunities that help you spread your words to a growing group of over five thousand WordPress enthusiasts.

So, What We are Offering under this Program

  1. Reviewing your WordPress products by us on WP Evergreen Content Blog
  2. Paid Guest Posting on our blog
  3. Getting listed on our existing articles

How Our Promotion Process Works

Our team members are experts on keyword research, writing, SEO, etc and we publish only quality articles. It’s sure we will ensure your review or guest post’s quality both for the users and Search Engines!

So, don’t hesitate to keep your trust in our WordPress Product Promotion program.

If you want to add your products to our existing blog, it’s our responsibility to write for you and ensure the best review regarding our standard.

Proper keyword research, writing well, smart visualization, and Search Engine Optimization- all are under one package.

And definitely, you can expect a professional approach and expert touch on everything.

Promotions are Free, Forever!

It’s a review, guest post, or list; it’s our responsibility to promote our blogs through different channels and ensure Google’s first page results.

Check what’s more you can get-

  1. Lifetime link (you can change your link anytime you want)
  2. Social promotion and forum sharing
  3. Promotion via weekly newsletter
  4. More options are waiting to get listed here

Pricing for Your WordPress Product Promotion

1Product Review by Evergreen Content Team$200Writing, SEO, Social share, Email marketing, 2 links, and more.
2Guest Posting$150Editing, SEO, 2 Links, Social promotion, Email marketing. etc.
3Product Listing$100Writing, Screencast, 1 Link, SEO, Promotions.

*Your reviews will stay in our content archives permanently, with lifetime do-follow links.

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Choose a package from our list. You can change it later.